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“ You can never be your old self. Too much has happened to that person. Why would you want to be? The new you has a strength you never knew even existed in you. If someone had told you that you would survive something like this. You wouldn’t of believed them. Use this as building blocks to become greater than you ever imaged”


So a few months ago on one of the Cavernoma support pages I’m a member of, someone asked how long until I’m my old self again. I’ve seen this asked many, many times. I even asked it myself lots of times. What I have learned along the way is you won’t be that person again. The above quote was my answer to the poster. 


It got me thinking about the start of my journey and everything it took for me to have this realisation. I think it was some time after my 6th stroke, before my surgery that I realise I can be normal again. But it would be a new normal. It reminds me of the Haruki Murakami quote. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about. 


Once you understand this you can really start to focus on moving forward, building the life you want and leaving that particular storm in the past. There will be more storms. Because life is a journey, not a destination. But that big storm makes you strong enough for any storms that come after