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We are facing so much uncertainty right now. Lots of fear and panic.

“ keep calm and carry on “

~Winston Churchill~

Every day the news and advice changes while everyone try’s to figure this out.

No one knows the answers and no one knows the outcome. Whatever it is. Let’s pull together. Let’s share our toilet roll equally with our neighbours and our vulnerable. Let’s wash our hands and think of this world as a whole. That’s how we survive. We come together with love. We don’t fight over toilet roll, or point fingers and blame. Let’s ask who needs help and give it.

Here are some things that we do know. This virus affects your lungs and your immune system, and we need to protect and support our NHS, Drs and nurses. So our best form of defence is to keep strong, keep healthy. Keep a clear calm head. Don’t get caught up in the panic.

Your toilet rolls and pasta will not save you.

Fruit, veg, greens are needed to strengthen your immune system. Buy frozen if you need to. Frozen fruit and veg keeps its vitamin and mineral content as it’s frozen as soon as it’s picked. Therefore it’s value doesn’t decrease in transportation and sitting on shelves.

Your allowed outside so if your feeling healthy go walk in the park. Just keep your distance from people, this will also keep your immune system strong. This virus is not airborne so you are safe in the parks and open air. Just wash your hands if you’ve touched anything.

Yoga and breath will keep your lungs strong and healthy. Meditation will keep your mind calm and clear of any anxiety or fear.

If you need meditation help or yoga tips while you are isolating. Give me a shout. If anyone thinks it will help boredom I’ve been thinking of doing some videos of yoga and meditation to get us through all this.

If you think this could help you, drop me a note in the comments.

If you need help don’t be afraid to reach out. We are all in this together and together we are stronger.

Keep calm and carry on guys. Xxx