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“Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly”

-Morticia Adams

When I called my blog finding your new normal it was aimed at picking your life back up after stroke or illness or some kind of trauma that shakes your whole world up so that you don’t recognise it. What you thought was normal, the world that you always knew that felt so normal to you no longer exists. Now four weeks into this lock doown, it strikes me that we are now going through this experience all together globally.

So what is normal anyway? Working 9-5 in a job you hate? To pay for a house you hardly spend time in? To look forward to a holiday away from a life that is not causing you happiness? Sounds a bit harsh I know. But all of this is designed to make you think. Think long and hard. Were you enjoying your life before this Pandemic? Can you and will you make changes? I guarantee that you can change things if you really want to. Sometimes you have to think bigger, think out of your comfort zone and do something that really scares you.

But finding a new normal after huge life changing events is defiantly possible. We are made to adapt. Even if it feels super hard and scary at first. The uncertainty comes in waves. One day you have that feeling of yes this is all fine and it will be ok. But then a wave of doubt and fear will come. That’s ok. Those waves pass as well. Those are the times that meditation and yoga can help or just anything that calms you. It might be painting or crafting or running. When that wave, that panic and fear and doubt creep in. which they will. Just interrupt them, try not to follow the thoughts. Don’t try and understand them. You don’t need to understand them. Just allow yourself to feel them. It is your mind protecting you with all of its learned knowledge. But this learned knowledge can quite often be conflicting and confusing. It gathers all of your past experience, learned knowledge, other peoples opinions and starts trying to make sense. But the mind can’t figure these things out. But if you just keep taking each moment at a time, telling yourself “I can do this” . Just sit quietly your mind will step back so that your insticks, your real self, can take over.

Your new normal will start to appear without you even having to think very much about it.

Believe me it is not easy and it takes a while to re-tune into intuition but with time, trust and patience you can get back in touch with your true self again and it is so so worth it. Try and find comfort with this uncertainty that we are all going through right now.