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You will be amazed at how things magically fall into place when you let go of the illusion of control – Maryam Hasnaa-

And the winner is 

In my typical style, I didn’t even realise that I’d won The Headway Achiever of the Year award, until people started to congratulate me!! They called up the other two finalists one at a time, gave them their certificate. Then they called my name, I stumbled onto the stage, I didn’t feel nervous but I think that with everything going on in the room my brain was struggling to function fully so I Bambi legged it onto the stage, couldn’t see the person passing me the award bumped into James Cracknell. Man he’s tall!! I was handed an engraved plate as well as my certificate! Hang on did the other finalists get this? Turn round smile for camera, stumble on wobbly legs back off stage. Get off stage, sit down next to Brooke and Pete. Suddenly realise that I think I just won the Headway achiever of the Year Award. That sums up my life. But once I realised it felt incredible and such an honour to be awarded this title. 

I honestly think that I manifested this award into my life. I saw on Facebook one day that the nominations were open for the awards. I shared it on my page (hint, hint dear friends). That week I also met Annette my OT from Headway. I mentioned them to her and jokingly said I’m booking that day off work. “That award is mine” I then forgot about the awards completely. In the manifesting world. That is called surrender. Ask for what you want then surrender it completely.

Fast-forward a few months. I met Annette to discuss some training that I planned to do with her for Headway. Once sat down she asks me do I want the good news or bad? Well good of course. She then tells me she nominated me for the awards and I am a finalist. Of a national award!! I mean me! Really. I was so over the moon. Once the other finalists were released I saw that they were doing some pretty incredible things. They are running marathons for gods sake. My Bambi legs can’t even carry me on stage!! But I kept telling everyone about the awards and joking that I would win, without ever worrying if I would. It would be great to win yes but not wining was fine to because the other finalists were so, so worthy. This again is the practice of surrender. Wanting something without needing it and without needing to control the outcome. This is the hardest part of trying to invite something into your life. Because when you want something so much you are always trying to control its outcome, trying to imagine and visualise its outcome. But I believe you should visualise and affirm more on feelings and less on what you physically want. 

I’m no expert and there are lots of areas of my life where I try to control the outcome but I thought this story was a great example of manifesting.