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“The moment you quit is usually the moment right before the miracle”

My VISA got granted today!!

There have been so many setbacks with this trip to India that I have wobbled on many occasions over the last few months. Losing the flight, not getting the refund back until the very last minute and then the flights were sky high!!

I’ve gone from giving up on the idea of doing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training completely to maybe I split it and do 100 hours this year and the other 100 hours next year to oh maybe I’ll cancel it until March or even next January. I was doing what I always do when I get overwhelmed! (Which can happen a lot after brain injury). I try to quit, I blame the resistance, I blame the universe and put it down to divine timing. I will often try and find different and easier paths. But sometimes you just have to climb the obstacle.

I listen to a lot of Abraham Hicks and Abraham often talks of letting go of the oars when you meet resistance and just going with the flow. So I will often let go of the oars as soon as something feels too hard. My instant go-to is panic and doubt. Then recently I had a light bulb moment. The resistance Abraham talks of is not the outside resistance, obstacles will always happen. It’s the inside resistance you need to start taking notice of. I noticed that despite all the setbacks I was still determined and excited about this. I was willing to stop at nothing to make this happen. So what I’m learning about panic and doubt is to listen to that little gut instinct first. It’s that tiny feeling that often comes seconds before the noise of the mind overtakes. That feeling can often be missed and ignored in favor of the monkey mind. Tuning into that feeling takes time and practice, it’s taking me years but the more you notice it the easier it becomes.

One of my final straws was my VISA, it still wasn’t granted yesterday. Four days before I fly. I mentioned to a client that if it wasn’t granted then maybe the universe was saying not right now. Then low and behold, this evening the status has changed to grant! So after months of uncertainty, everything is finally coming together. Just as it should.