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“You give me reasons to smile and and reasons to laugh, but most of all you give me memories I could never forget”
It’s a bit of a strange title I know and
What the hell are bandhas I hear you cry!?
Bundas are the energy locks in your body, they will also keep you strong and balanced. Kind of think about holding in a wee and that’s your mula bandhas . When locked It keeps all the energy circulating correctly but it also keeps you strong and stable.
I’m actually not planning on talking about bandhas, but the importance of friends, teamwork and an incredible support network.
It was highly important in helping me fix my walk to keep my Mula bandha engaged. It was also incredibly difficult for me to remember to do so. It’s not automatic and you have to become consciously aware of your body to fix it. I’ve been walking badly on my left leg for a long time. It’s caused all sorts of tightness and pain and resulted in me walking badly in order to reduce some of the pain and my walk was strange to say the least.
Doing daily yoga loosened up the tight muscles and then strengthened up the weak ones. This was enabling me to walk slightly better. But every time I forgot to keep hold of my bandhas my walking went straight back to how it previously had been.
So quite often on a night out for dinner or wandering along the beach the other girls could be heard asking me. Nikki are your bandhas engaged? Quite often I would reply with. I think my bandhas are broken, a lot of the time my whole body felt broken.
This reminder really helped me to start engaging my bandhas and work on improving my walk.
But more importantly it showed me that other people cared enough to check on me. Our yoga teacher Lydia even recruited the other ladies help and got them to film me walking when I wasn’t looking. I’ll share that video as I hate seeing how I walk but for me it’s filled with love.
 Every time someone asked me if my bandhas were engaged I felt the love and care and support of my fellow yogis.
We went on such a journey together. We are four different women from different countries and at different stages in our life. But we bonded instantly and laughed so much. This support was needed so very much as the days were long and intense. Our days started at 7am until 7.30pm.
But honestly this amount of care and support got me through every single moment. In the evenings we would sneak out for mint or chai tea and dessert and just collapse in the comfort of actual chairs,( honestly chairs are a luxury in Goa) we would just laugh and laugh as the aches of the body floated away under the support of a chair. These moments and these ladies were such an important part of this experience for me. They kept me so very grounded and reminded me to keep my wits about me. I love a lots of things about the lifestyle out there, but as a Gemini I can get lost in my head and staying grounded is very hard for me. One of our biggest sources of entertainment was trying to chant mantras in our different languages and accents, the result for me was that I could never get through that damn mantra without laughing my head off “Aba hu bu baba” I’m glad I supplied entertainment with my flat tone and constant mispronunciations.
Much of my strength and growth came from the beautiful ladies who I shared my time with. We were never in competition on our mats, all four of us at very different ages with our practice, but we cheered each other on with each new achievement, our practice was our own, we all had different reasons to be there, and we all continue to support each other with our yoga journeys today. I’m really excited to see what everyone dies next.
On days when my body was tired and my muscles, bones and hips aches. Just knowing that the others were going through it too and cared enough to check on me was all the motivation I needed to keep going. and to ensure those bandhas were being put to proper use.
I thank you all and encourage everyone to keep strong with the support of your tribe. As strong independent women we constantly fight for ourselves but knowing you have the support of others helps you climb those mountains. Just the small act of checking on someone can be so powerful. So if you’ve been thinking of messaging a friend to check in. Just do it right now. It takes moments but might make their day. X