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“Being alone has power that very few people can handle” ~Steven Aitchison
One of the girls on the course asked us today if we’ve ever spent 24 hours alone. Living alone means I get to do this a lot. I’ve even gone to the extreme this month and given myself this month to focus solely on myself. My physical body, through the yoga asana practice and my mental health through the meditation and pranyama. I’ve been able to detach from work from any drama I had been creating for myself and just detach from everything really. This time has improved my health and well being so much. 
Until this morning I thought time alone was something everyone had the chance to do. It had made me truely appreciate how important for our lives this can be. 
So I took a little walk alone on the beach while I let my thoughts collect. We live such busy lives and we fill all of our time with our friends, family, socialising, social media, computers, TV’s. 
When I’m home my intention is to keep up my daily yoga practice as I know that this is something so important for my health that even on my tired days I must make the effort to see it through. My other intention is to pick up a creative hobby as this is also a really important part of living a happy life. After a discussion this month I’ve settled on photography as it fascinates me and I feel like it’s not a strong skill that I have. I’d love to capture the world as I see it. If anyone can recommend a good photography course give me a shout. 
In the mean time take 5 minutes for yourself today put your phone down, turn the TV off and focus on your breath. 
Let me know how you get on